Celestine Farm is a small , private Morgan breeding facility that specializes in preserving the Lambert family. There are currently only two intact historical families left in the Morgan breed, the Lamberts and the Lippitts. Both families have common ancestors that descend from Justin Morgan, his sons and their get. The Lippitts are bred with a heavier influence of Figure's son Woodbury. The Lambert family has been influenced more directly by another Figure son, Sherman.

 Sherman's get were bred on and often woven back and forth with strongly bred Woodbury's, resulting in some very notable cornerstone horses, including the Figure grandson, Ethan Allen. The iconic trotting weathervane horse is said to be a depiction of Ethan Allan in motion. Ethan, in turn, sired Daniel Lambert, out of Fanny Cook, a grand daughter of the great trotting Arab, Messenger.

Daniel Lambert was considered far superior to any other sire living at the time in New England and was used extensively at stud. His remarkable abilities, presence, and the quality of family was recognized by Joseph Brunk , who continued the Lambert line by his initial purchase of the Daniel Lambert grandson Chetco, and Jubilee De Jarnette, another grandson. He linebred the family,adding as much Daniel Lambert blood as he could to high percentage Vermont bred mares, culminating in the foaling of Jubilee King .Jubilee King was from an unbroken line of Daniel Lambert descent, being sired by Penrod,  son of Allen Franklin, son of Jasper Franklin, son of Ben Franklin, son of Daniel Lambert. . When Jubilee King was sold in his late teens to Francis Bryant, she continued the family by producing the stallion,Jubilee's Courage, who in turn sired two well known breeding sons, Cavendish, and Criterion. Criterion was kept by Mrs.Bryant to continue her program until her health forced her to disperse her herd. Criterion was entrusted to Susan and Shannon Hanley of the Quietude Stud, who carry on the family to this day.

The Hanley's are single handledly responsible for preserving this family intact. Other breeders over the years have bred on their Lambert get, often to high percentage mares with no outcrossing, but over time those programs have unfortunately been lost, and the breeding stock with it. There are just a few other breeders today that are working to preserve the Lambert family and keep this rich heritage perpetuated and available in form, without outcrossing to breeding programs in which the stock has numerous ancestors registered under rule II, many of which were saddlebreds.

We are one of those breeders. Our current herd  is not only qualified as meeting the Foundation Morgan Horse Society's requirements as foundation Morgans, but they all  go well beyond that by meeting the clean blooded definition used as a guide by current and past Lambert Morgan breeders, in that their sire line goes directly back to Sherman Morgan and Justin Morgan through Daniel Lambert, and every ancestor traces back on every line of their pedigrees to the foundation horses in Volume One of the Morgan Horse and Register, and none of their ancestors were registered under Rule 2.